English insurance agent in Spain - car, household, golf, motorbike, marine and other insurance. Visa-compliant medical and repatriation insurance cover eg to visit Spain / Europe / Schengen. Linked agency AJ0052

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When you obtained the mortgage, your bank manager normally took the opportunity to sell you mortgage-related life insurance. He probably also told you that you can change to another insurance company during the life of your mortgage. If he forgot ...
Accident insurance: - Death due to an accident.- Death by accident - monthly annuity.- Death due to a traffic accident.- Death of the insured and the spouse due to an accident.- Permanent disability due to an accident- Total permanent disabilitydue to etc
Car insurance: the insurer undertakes to cover those of the risks listed below that have been expressly contracted in the schedule, subject to the limits in force for mandatory liability insurance when the claim occurs and to those established in the ..
Commercial insurance: A. Compulsory Basic covers: covering material damages or losses sustained by structure and / or contents listed in and regulated by Article 3.A. of these general conditions.
B. Optional covers: extending the basic level of cover...
House and contents: ... includes the following cover:

A: Basic cover: compulsory cover against material damage and losses, regulated by that set forth in Article 3.A of these general conditions.
B: Optional cover: optional cover regulated by ...
Life insurance: ... The insurer undertakes to pay the sum insured and / or arrange for the benefits established in the policy's special conditions and schedule, ...
Seguro de comunidad: A. GARANTÍAS BÁSICAS
A. 1. Daños materiales al continente y / o mobiliario comunitario.
A. 2. Gastos relacionados con daños materiales
A. 3. Asistencia a la comunidad
travel insurance for dangerous (including war zone areas), dangerous sports and professions
visa-compliant medical and repatriation insurance cover eg to visit Spain or other European countries / Schengen. English and / or Spanish documentation
Worldwide Medical Insurance + choice of options ... Worldwide Medical Plus / Worldwide Medicines and Equipment / Worldwide Wellbeing / Worldwide Evacuation / USA Cover
Worldwide Medical Plus + opciones: Medicamentos y Equipo Worldwide / Bienestar Worldwide / Evacuación Worldwide / Tratamiento en los EEUU

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English insurance agent. Health and dental insurance plans. Travel insurance providing health and repatriation cover needed to comply with Schengen zone requirements (and normally requested when you apply for your visa at the Embassy or Consulate). seguros de salud y de viaje. Health, dental, other insurance products in Europe (English agent) International health and medical insurance for expats or people doing temporary assignments in the Schengen zone expatriate clients worldwide seguros, seguros de salud viaje y dentales Sociedad de Agencia de Seguros Vinculada inscrita en la DGSFP AJ0052 con seguro de RC profesional (registered with Spanish insurance authority, with required civil liability insurance - http://www.e-comentarios.com/HowdoIknow.htm ) ... Medical and repatriation visa-compliant insurance for US citizens applying for residence visas, work visas, visas to do research projects in Spain or for people who want to visit, live in or retire to Spain and non Schengen country visitors to Europe / Schengen area (eg English teachers, students, au pairs, work experience students ) ... health insurance for singles, couples and families (gay and hetero http://www.e-traductores.com/couplesS.htm ) ... travel insurance includes war zones, dangerous professions and sports ( http://www.e-expatriat.es/warzonetravelinsurance.htm ) ... authorised to sell insurance in all European countries (freedom of movement directive) ... my services are paid for by the insurance companies I work with, not you the client (although the cost for you is the same) ... It is normally obligatory for European Union citizens to register with the Spanish authorities. Only retired Europeans over the age of 65 may be covered by their own countries' health protection extensions, but under the age of retirement, Europeans staying in Spain for over 90 days must register (Oficina de Extranjeros) and either contribute to the Spanish social security system, or obtain private medical insurance. Check!